Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner quizzes people in the face for "amazing" gifts and money.


Director:Billy Eichner


Duration:30 min




Season 1 - Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner
"Games include: \"For A Dollar,\" \"Sho Nuff or No He Didn't,\" and \"Where In the World Is John Mayer's Penis\""
"Games include: \"Are You Smarter Than a Gay Fifth Grader?,\" \"Is This a Real Tyler The Creator Lyric or Not?\""
"Games include: Premiere of \"Quizzed In the Face,\" \"Get In the Snuggie\" with Rachel Dratch, and \"Amateur Speed Sketching\"\n\nSpecial guest: Rachel Dratch"
"Games include: \"Quizzed In the Face,\" \"For a Dollar,\" and \"Missing Testicle or Extraterrestrial?\""
"Games include: \"Quizzed In the Face\" with a secret twist, Premiere of \"Cash Face,\" and Billy releases his inspired James Blunt inspired single \"You Look Really Good For You\""
"Games include: \"Where In the World Is Scarlett Johanson's Vagina,\" and brings back \"Sho Nuff Or No He Didn't\""
"Games include: \"Quizzed in the Face\" with Special Guest, and \"Children's TV Show from the 80's or a Musician?\"\n\nSpecial guest: Joan Rivers"
"Games include: \"Quizzed In the Face,\" \"Cash Face,\" and new game \"Indian Or Not Indian?\""
"Games include: \"Quizzed In the Face,\" \"Did You Hear Madonna Died?,\" and \"Amateur Speed Sketching\""
Season 2 - Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner
"Games Include: \"Pretty or Liar\", Media Mogul or Rabbi\", and \"Quizzed in the Face\"\n\nSpecial Guest: Nas and Ashley Benson"
"Games Include: \"Who Dat?\", \"Quizzed in the Face\", \"For a Dollar\", \"Pink, Meryl Streep, or Who Cares?\", \"The Price feels so Right\", and \"This or Talk to Mario Lopez\"\n\nSpecial Guest: P!nk"
Season 3 - Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner
Season 4 - Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner
"Tina Fey joins host Billy Eichner as they hit the streets to find Tina a friend! Plus, Billy ambushes innocent civilians with the news that Emma Stone seems down to Earth! Other games include \"For a Dollar\" and a brand new \"Lightning Round.\""
"In this week's episode, Billy introduces shocked New Yorkers to Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star, Chris Pratt! Plus, Billy finds out if Chris Pratt will be the next Indiana Jones and while playing \"For A Dollar\" offers random strangers on the street money if they relate to Ben Stiller!"
"Anna Kendrick helps Billy find love on the street, and Elena is the lifeline in a game of \"Quizzed in the Face.\" Other games include \"What Does Katy Perry's Cat Care About?\" and \"For A Dollar.\""
"On this episode, Billy quizzes SNL and Horrible Bosses star Jason Sudeikis on what Beyonc\u00e9 is probably scared of, then Jason helps Billy celebrate football season with a special \"Bro Lightning Round\" and a wicked Tailgating party. Plus an all new Lightning Round about Zombies and an explosive new game of \"For A Dollar!\""
"In this week's jam-packed episode, Billy plays Make That Noise with SNL and Trainwreck star Bill Hader. Later, Billy plays Amateur Speed Sketching with Andy the film editor. Finally, Amy Sedaris joins Billy in one of the biggest obstacle courses the show has ever seen, Shondaland! Other games include For A Dollar and Streaming or Screaming?"
"In this week's star-studded episode, Billy takes to the street with movie icon Meg Ryan for a special Thanksgiving For A Dollar game. Plus, Lucy Liu plays a brand new game called \"You're an A**hole Billy or Screw You Lucy Liu!\" Finally, Billy celebrates the season with his very own Thanksgiving Parade co-hosted by Katie Couric! Other games include \"For A Dollar\" and \"Mark Twain or Eddie Murphy?\""
"Will Ferrell and Billy ambush New Yorkers with Christmas presents, holiday trivia and Yuletide cheer! Plus, SNL star Rachel Dratch takes on a new obstacle course called \"Leah Remini's Escape from Scientology!\" Later, Billy plays \"Gay, Part Black or Cokehead?\" with a girl who looks exactly like Pixar's Brave. Other games include \"For A Dollar\" and \"Who Discovered This Person, Judd Apatow or P. Diddy\""
"Sarah Jessica Parker joins Billy to give out shoes to anyone who can show their true appreciation for her work. Later, Billy plays \"Kevin Hart or Gabby Giffords?\" with plus-size musician, Tina! Finally, Sarah Jessica Parker plays \"Santa's Reindeer or Sex App?\" and wins a very unique prize."
"Billy is joined by Juliana Margulies for a brand new game called \"That's Not Sia, It's Juliana Margulies!\""
"In this episode of Billy on the Street, Billy plays \"Celebrity Speed Sketching\", \"Chris Brown or Serial Killer\" and \"Train Song or Mommy Blog?"
"Andy Cohen takes the streets of New York with Billy for a special game of \"New Year's Eve or Deformed."
"No description"
Season 5 - Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner
"Immigrant or Real American? With Jon Hamm!: Billy and Jon Hamm take to the streets to find out if anyone will have a threesome with them! Later, Billy plays \"Immigrant or Real American?\" with Kevin the bisexual office manager."
"Billy hits the streets with Seth Rogen for a new segment called Death Rogen. Later, just in time for Thanksgiving, Billy and Sarah play What Does Michelle Rodriguez Bring to the Table?"
"This week Billy is joined by Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o for the brand new game, \"Gay or Old?\" Later, everyone's favorite contestant, Elena, is back with a very patriotic Lightning Round!"
"Billy is joined by Andy Samberg to play the brand new game Was At My Wedding or Possibly Killed Tupac?"
"This week Billy is joined by Aziz Ansari to play the brand new game Is This a Kanye West Quote or Not? Later, Rachel Dratch is back for an exhilarating obstacle course, Escape Margot Robbie's Moment!"
"Billy is joined for the first time by a child actor, the star of Room, Jacob Tremblay! Together, Jacob and Billy take to the street for a brand new Lightning Round."
"This week, Billy and John Oliver take to the streets to find out if gay people care about him!"
"Billy takes the show on the road to LA with special guest James Corden! Emmy and Tony winner James Corden joins Billy as he desperately tries to appeal to the masses with Curbside Conga Line."
"Billy is joined by Key and Peele star Keegan-Michael Key for the game Name 10 Gay People! Later, Billy is joined by aspiring actor Cameron to play Walking Dead or Talking Dead?"