Party Down South

Strangers come to live in the South and party it up like real country folk.

Genre: Reality

Country: N/A

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 5.8

Season 1 - Party Down South
"South Carolina will never be the same when eight of the biggest, baddest personalities in the south come together in one house to work hard and party even harder for one wild summer."
"After the chaos of the first night in the house, everyone struggles to piece together what happened and get to know each other."
"The gang meets Lucas, a hard-partying local who invites them to his river house for a mud-slinging day of four-wheeling and redneck sledding."
"Following a wild bar fight near the marina, the gang is worried they might get fired. The next day, it's Lyle's birthday and his roommates surprise him with a boat, a keg and a beach party he'll never forget."
"Lyle begins to develop feelings for Mattie, and the pressure of juggling two women in the house drives him to have a serious talk with Lauren. Ryan makes a mortifying mistake after taking a swig out of a stray whiskey bottle."
"After Mattie turns into her alter-ego, Martha, her argument with Tiffany turns physical. To relieve the tension in the house, the gang heads out to the country and makes dry ice bombs to blow things up."
"Lyle's jealousy over Mattie's booty popping leads to severe heartburn that leaves Lyle literally foaming at the mouth. After Mattie brings home her new crush, Tiffany throws fuel on the fire and pushes Lyle to his limit."
"When Mattie discovers that Lyle's been twisting the truth about their relationship, she confronts him head on. Tiffany finally brings a man home, but keeping him there is a lot harder than she expected."
"Sexual frustration in the house is at an all time high as Tiffany makes a move on a roommate, Ryan and Lyle find love in the same bed and Walt makes a deep connection behind a bathroom door."
"Walt and the girls face off in a stanky prank war. Mattie gets a letter from a guy that leaves her in tears."
"Host Christine Lakin joins the entire cast as they look back at the craziest, most shocking events of the summer."
"The fun continues in hour two of the reunion, as host Christine Lakin shares more of the summer's wildest moments and never-before-seen footage with the entire cast."
Season 2 - Party Down South
"This season, the cast packs their bags to raise some hell in one of the wildest party towns in the south -- Athens, Ga. Taylor brings her Bible, as well as news of a new boyfriend, to the house. As the booze start flowing, so does Daddy's frustrations over Taylor's new relationship. Emotions run high, and the clothes come off, leaving the roommates with their wildest night yet."
"Settling into their new digs in Athens, Ga., proves to be no easy feat for the gang. Wild Lyle makes an early appearance and takes a beating for it from one of his roommates. The guys mess around with Daddy but take it too far and push him to his limit. And Daddy's further erratic behavior is starting to convince everybody else in the house there might be something brewing between him and one of the roomies."
"The gang starts their new job and gets wild in downtown Athens while checking out the local party scene. Daddy struggles to hide his secret about Lil Bit, and when she gushes about her boyfriend, he finally explodes. While the house takes the brunt of the damage, his friendship with Lil' Bit may never be the same again."
"Everybody seems ready to move on from the aftermath of last night's fight between Daddy and Lil Bit, but as more details start trickling out, the ongoing drama threatens to destroy several more friendships. Out on the town, Walt meets a special little lady, but Lyle goes home empty-handed, leading to a scuffle with a roommate who refuses to back down."
"Now that the truth about Daddy and Lil Bit has come out, she's dead set on going home. The rest of the roomies hope a four-wheeling trip and a wild night on the town could be enough to keep the house together. Daddy's hot friends arrive to kick the party up a notch and light a fire under the girls in the house."
"Daddy's friends attempt to improve his spirits. Tiffany attempts to distance herself from Hunter, and ends up in the arms of somebody else."
"Lil Bit's boyfriend Grant comes to town and meets the family. Daddy promises to be nice, but all the roommates beg to differ. Tiffany calls Hunter to straighten out their rocky relationship. The gang goes out to Boarshead for an epic Dollar Drink night."
"The roommates head to Cabo for a Party Down South of the border. It's nothing but fun -- beaches, booze and booty-shaking contests -- until they realize they're being stalked by a crazy senorita ... Martha!"
"The roommates head to Cabo for a Party Down South of the border. It's nothing but fun -- beaches, booze and booty-shaking contests -- until they realize they're being stalked by a crazy senorita ... Martha!"
"The roommates continue to Party Down South of the border, but it looks like Martha may be joining them in Cabo! Catch a glimpse of the action."
"The roommates end their time in Cabo with a bang and head back to Athens-- but not without a casualty along the way. Catch an exclusive look."
"Lil Bit and Daddy continue flirting and getting closer, but it's not sitting well with the rest of the house. Martha becomes Murray's wingman. Tiffany confronts Lil Bit about messing with Daddy's feelings, and Taylor finally comes to terms with how she's been acting."
"The housemates' stay in Athens, Ga. is coming to a close but things are crazy as ever; Martha disrupts Mattie's birthday; Lyle gets bruised; Daddy has company in his bed."
29 Aug 2014
"The cast gives the inside scoop on their vacation in Biloxi together, including Ryan and Hannah's relationship, Murray and Walt teasing Lauren, and Lyle almost fighting Walt. On stage ..."
Season 3 - Party Down South
"The new group of wild southerners start partying at their decked-out beach house in Biloxi, but after a few beers, a catfish breaks out when Aston calls dibs on Tommy."
"The roommates don't hold back on their first night out partying together; Raven decides Tommy is not for her and sets her sights on Bradley; Ashton is jealous that Raven is hooking up with all the guys in the house."
"The question of who will get together flies around the house, especially with Ashton, Raven and Bradley."
"Bradley is confused when he learns that both Ashton and Raven both have feelings for him and the rest of the house tells him he needs to make a decision."
"Bradley chooses Raven, leaving Ashton in tears, but Ashton's tears don't last long when she meets a new guy."
"After Duke's fight to revive Ashton, she comes back ready to party it up like never before. Meanwhile, the sexual frustration in the house reaches a boiling point; and Magan makes her needs known to all."
"Tommy lands in hot water with Magan after be brings two girls back to the house; Duke lands in literal hot water with Magan's feisty friends."
"The gang goes on a fishing trip and things heat up between Tommy and Brittany, but messing with the boss' daughter could jeopardize his job."
"The roommates head to the woods for some rafting and mudding after an intense intervention at the house."
"Bradley gets into a bar fight that could land him in jail; Ashton moves on from Tyler and decides to give Brandon a real chance."
"After Bradley and Raven's fight, Hurricane Hunter rallies the roommates on a mission to finish their keg; Magan goes toe to high-heeled toe with a feisty local."
"The entire crew gets together for one more party to discuss their incredible summer in Biloxi but not without a lot of drama."
Season 4 - Party Down South
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15 Oct 2015
"Lyle's girlfriend, Santana, comes to visit but little does she know her life is going to change forever. All of the roommates come together to plan the most perfect marriage proposal for ..."
22 Oct 2015
29 Oct 2015
29 Oct 2015
"The cast gets together to rehash their latest vacation in St. Petersburg, Florida... the good, the bad, and the hurricanes. They revisit Tiffany and Hannah's rocky start, Lauren's ..."
Season 5 - Party Down South
"The crew arrives at their beautiful new vacation house in Savannah, Georgia; Lauren and Tiffany struggle to keep an explosive secret from Lyle, while Murray and Hannah must console Mattie."
"Tiffany and Lauren tell Lyle devastating news about his fianc\u00e9e, Santana; Walt attempts to woo a woman into bed by playing his guitar; Daddy brings the wrong girl home from the bar."
"Murray wraps up his personal business in Mississippi and returns to the house to learn that the girls are still up in Lyle and Santana's relationship."
"The house is divided when a secret comes out about Lyle's fianc\u00e9e that Tiffany and Lauren have major issues with; Lyle is forced to make a decision that could change his life forever."
"After healthy input from her roommates, Mattie makes a decision regarding her relationship with DJ; feeling like she's missing out, Hannah invites her boyfriend Cody to the house so she can get some lovin; too."
"Lyle gets a shocking text from Santana; the gang goes ghost hunting and gets more than they bargained for; Mattie is forced to choose between her roommates and her family back home."
"Wild Lyle returns when the gang decides to take a weekend vacation to a NASCAR race, but after some unexpected news about Santana, he goes off the deep end and lands in an ambulance, rushing to the hospital."
"As Lyle spends time in the hospital, Mattie gives Santana a piece of her mind; Lauren flips her lid and the whole kitchen pays for it."
"Lyle officially breaks it off with Santana over the phone; the crew bets on their Segway race--the boys versus girls, with the losers becoming their opponents' servants for a day; a newly-single Lyle rekindles old desires in Mattie."
"Bubba surprises Tiffany with an unexpected visit, but Tiffany isn't sure how things will go after their recent arguments; after being rejected by numerous men at the bar, Hurricane Martha threatens the shores of Savannah."
"The cast says goodbye to Savannah and to each other for the last time; old wounds open up between Tiffany and Bubba; Santana attempts to win back Lyle; the crew buries a time capsule in the backyard."
Season 6 - Party Down South
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Season 7 - Party Down South
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