Salvage Dawgs

Entertaining show about saving beautiful old doors, stained glass, floors, mantels, etc. from buildings that are slated to be torn down. The crew works hard to ensure future generations can enjoy the wonderful craftsmanship of the past.





Season 1 - Salvage Dawgs
"The Black Dog crew salvage the Izard House - a two-room cabin built in the late 1892. The team removes a box bay window in one piece, a Dixie Oak stove, a stairwell and old poplar wood."
"The Black Dog crew salvage the Washington Mill, an old cotton mill from the late 1800s. They find wooden louvers, open wire baskets and an old barber chair."
"Robert Kulp, Mike Whiteside and the Black Dog crew salvage the Robert E. Lee Hotel, a six-story luxury hotel built in 1926 in Lexington, VA. Key finds include a peg leg sink, French doors and pelican urinals.(TD)"
"Robert Kulp, Mike Whiteside and the Black Dog crew salvage the Bent Mountain Mill, a grist mill used for grinding wheat and other grains. Key finds include patina doors, mill stones and running gears."
"Robert Kulp, Mike Whiteside and the Black Dog crew salvage the James House, a 5,000 square foot home built in 1893. The team removes a hand-crafted Carrara marble mantle, a cast iron sink, vintage cabinet and historical negatives."
"Ghent Row:\n\nMike Whiteside, Robert Kulp and the Black Dog Salvage crew tackle an entire city block of Victorian houses in Norfolk, VA. One of which is The Painted Lady, an old tearoom originally built in 1892 and renovated in 1997."
Season 2 - Salvage Dawgs
"Nestlebrooke:\n\nThe Black Dog Salvage crew pitches in to help save parts of a house in Roanoke, VA. Main items include floors, trim, front porch columns, and a built in cabinet. While salvaging, Mike and Robert also search for buried treasure."
"Eiffel Tower Replica:\n\nMike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage guys disassemble a 40 foot Eiffel Tower replica in Columbus, OH. While in Columbus, they pick through a fellow salvager's collection. Grayson builds a floor lamp back at the warehouse."
"Lakeside Marina:\n\nMike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage crew travel to Smith Mountain Lake to save parts off a sinking boat. While at the marina, they discover other boats on the property to salvage."
"Foursquare Farmhouse:\n\nHosts Mike and Robert salvage a foursquare house in Roanoke. Mike builds a tailgater grill unit."
"USS Zuni:\n\nHosts Mike and Robert salvage parts off an old navy ship. Mike builds a table from an airplane wing."
"Conrail Caboose:\n\nMike and Robert salvage parts from a train caboose. The crew picks through the Old Cold Storage."
"Sheridan Square Theater Fa\u00e7ade:\n\nThe Black Dog crew tackles a theater fa\u00e7ade in Ohio. Mike builds a bed frame from horse jump poles."
"Youngwood High School:\n\nMike Whiteside, Robert Kulp and the Black Dog Salvage crew save parts from a 1917 high school up in Youngwood, PA. Key finds include lockers, chalkboards, sinks, and a gothic window transom."
Season 3 - Salvage Dawgs
"Nelson House:\n\nThe Black Dog Salvage crew saves pieces of a house in Mt. Jackson, VA. Their main focus is on the clay-fired roof and on the oversized cornice brackets. Back in the wood shop, Mike makes a bench from an old dresser."
"Old Stagecoach Inn:\n\nMike and Robert salvage a house previously damaged by a tornado near Abingdon, VA. Key items include floors, doors and a complete staircase. While at the warehouse, Mike makes a commissioned desk from a balance beam."
"Reel Theaters:\n\nMike, Robert and the team salvage a movie theater in Sevierville, TN. Key items include analog projectors, movie screens, and neon letters. Mike also builds a commissioned table from a window frame."
"St. Mary\u2019s Church Rectory:\n\nThe Black Dog crew salvages St. Mary's Church in Chillicothe, OH. Key items include cast-iron mantles, a large built-in cabinet and a stained-glass front doorway. At the shop, Tay and his dad work to make a truck from a VW bus."
"Bowman House:\n\nMike, Robert and the Black Dog crew salvage an early 1800s farmhouse in Mt. Jackson, VA. Key items include pocket doors, a primitive armoire and heart pine flooring. Grayson brings a new idea to Mike to make a bench from 3 chairs."
"Nehi Bottling Plant:\n\nMike salvages large industrial doors from the old Nehi Bottling Plant in Covington, VA. Back at the shop, Robert and Tay work on a gate made from a bicycle. The guys also pick through a collection brought in by a local vendor."
"Byrd Log Cabin:\n\nThe Salvage Dawgs team returns to a previously salvaged house to save its original log structure. Mike and Tay learn how that wood is milled for a custom building project. Mike builds an end table for the property owner."
"Meek Farmhouse:\n\nMike and Robert remove a two-piece staircase from a farmhouse in Marion, VA. The guys also pick through a train yard. Back at the shop, Mike builds a bar from panel doors as a surprise for a customer's husband."
"Hylton Victorian:\n\nBlack Dog Salvage saves parts of an old Victorian-style farmhouse in Laurel Forks, VA. Mike and Robert learn how to hand throw bricks at the Old Virginia Brick Company. Tay transforms a busted up VW bus into a flatbed truck."
"Weatherford Farmhouse:\n\nSalvage Dawgs save parts of a farmhouse in South Boston, VA. Key items include chairs, milk-painted paneling, and an arched window. Mike and Robert get to pick through some of the owner's personal collections"
"Fringer Cannery:\n\nMike, Robert and the crew salvage an old iron ore mine that was converted into a cannery in the 1930s. Main items include a curved I-beam, oversized pressure-cookers, and a canning carousel."
"St. Andrews Church Spires:\n\nThe Dawgs help save copper elements from the St. Andrews Catholic Church spires in Roanoke, VA. The guys also bring in an expert to learn more about a large lithograph from a previous salvage."
Season 4 - Salvage Dawgs
"Geyser Gulch:\n\nThe Dawgs salvage Geyser Gulch at Silver Dollar City. Mike builds a hostess stand for a restaurant."
"Bemis Cotton Mill:\n\nThe Dawgs salvage the Bemis Cotton Mill in Jackson, Tennessee. Mike builds a bookshelf using the panels from a door at the warehouse."
"Old Robeson County Jail:\n\nThe Dawgs salvage a 1950s jail in Lumberton, North Carolina. Mike and Tay build a bar from a bowling alley floor at the shop."
"Clapp Windmill:\n\nThe Dawgs salvage an Aeromotor windmill in Liberty, North Carolina. Back in the wood shop, Mike uses salvaged barn wood and iron to build a floor lamp."
"Elks National Home:\n\nThe Dawgs salvage parts of the Elks National Home in Bedford, Virginia. Back in the woodshop, Mike builds a swing from a salvaged apple crate and upholsters cushions from old postal bags."
"Return to Geyser Gulch:\n\nThe Dawgs return to Geyser Gulch at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Back at the warehouse, Mike builds a garden arbor out of two doors."
"P.A. Denny Riverboat\n\nThe Salvage Dawgs save a calliope from a riverboat in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Courtney collaborates with Mike to build a mirror from pieces of wall trim at the shop."
"Wheeling Apartment\n\nThe Dawgs salvage elements from an apartment building in Wheeling, West Virginia. Mike builds a wine tasting table from an old lamppost and barrel staves at Black Dog Salvage."
"American Viscose Plant:\n\nThe Dawgs save a kiln from the American Viscose Plant in Roanoke, Virginia. Mike and Tay work together to build custom tables for a local optometrist's office."
"Scott Boulevard Baptist Church:\n\nThe Dawgs travel to Decatur, Georgia, to salvage the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church. Back at the shop, Mike and Tay build an iron console"
"Vicksburg Iron Arch:\n\nThe team salvages an iron storefront. Mike builds a table for country music duo Thompson Square."
Season 7 - Salvage Dawgs
"Trinity Lutheran Church:\n\nThe Salvage Dawgs go to Greencastle, PA, to salvage an old church that is being restored for a physical therapy office. The team struggles to figure out the best way to remove the windows, salvage the large bell and execute an idea for a console."
"Esther Ludwig Mansion (interior):\n\nBlack Dog Salvage travels to Pennsylvania to save what they can from Esther Ludwig's mansion before it gets demolished. They hope to reclaim some of the mansion's all-original items, such as chandeliers, built-ins and mantles. Mike buys an old vintag"
"Virginia Victorian Home:\n\nThe Salvage Dawgs travel to Hot Springs, VA, to salvage mantles, cabinets, sinks and a round window from a late Victorian-style home. Grayson works on her negotiating and picking skills, Tay finishes up his remodel with a custom light for his home.(TD)"
"Wayne Lanes Bowling Alley:\n\nThe Salvage Dawgs go to Wayne Lanes in Waynesboro, VA, to salvage a bowling alley damaged by a roof collapse. Robert is determined to redeem himself from last season's bowling fiasco, while Grayson discovers vintage bowling relics."
"Return to Ludwig Mansion:\n\nBlack Dog Salvage returns to the Ludwig mansion in Pennsylvania for roof tiles, windows, and the boiler room. Down in the shop, Grayson looks for materials to build a spice rack for her kitchen and Robert brings in a vintage scale."
"Victorian Free Classic House\n\nThe Salvage Dawgs return to Hot Springs, VA, to salvage another home before it gets demolished. The house has some great Eastlake hardware worth salvaging as well as Majorca tile, mantels and pocket doors. Mike mixes steel and wood for a modern side"
"19th Century Corncrib:\n\nThe Salvage Dawgs go to Hamburg, PA, to carefully deconstruct a corncrib being sure to take plenty of notes and pictures so they can reassemble it accurately."
"Storybook-Style House:\n\nBlack Dog Salvage travels south to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to save what they can from a storybook-style home in two days. The heat takes a toll on the team, but they find some unique chandeliers, sinks, windows and a nice Dutch door. Mike comes up with a functional design for a garment rack that can be rolled anywhere and Robert is excited about some old items that remind him of his Navy days."
Season 8 - Salvage Dawgs
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Season 9 - Salvage Dawgs
13 May 2018
"The Salvage Dawgs go to Glenside, PA, to salvage columns, doors, mantles, bathtubs and more from a sprawling 1918 mansion."
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"The crew heads to Grottoes, Virginia, to salvage and demolish an old country store. Using materials from the project, Mike and Robert create a tribute bench for a veterans' retreat."
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"The crew finds a gem with a log cabin tucked inside an old farmhouse, but they struggle to disassemble and demo the property due to the ever-increasing mud. The team must also meticulously document the placement of each beam, board and panel for when they rebuild the cabin for a lucky buyer."
"The team heads to Yorktown, VA, to pick through an old farm and former Native American settlement. Mike and Tay handle the heavy lifting outside to save a galvanized steel boat, while Robert, Grayson and Ted tackle the farmhouse that features doors and hardware from the 1700s and 1800s."
"Mike and Robert head to Amelia Island, Florida, and get lessons in diving and safety so they can salvage under water. They recover old ship parts from the bottom of the ocean and transform them into an original piece."
Season 10 - Salvage Dawgs
"The Dawgs head to Blacksburg, Va., to salvage an 1800s barn; with a hurricane on the horizon, the team is under a tight deadline to make it out before the storm rolls in; the team turns part of an airplane into a stunning desk."
"The Salvage Dawgs head up north to deliver a large lamppost that will serve as the focal point of a new community space. Before taking on this project, however, Robert takes the team to the Bluefield House in West Virginia to rack up on the classic commodities needed to restock their warehouse."
"The Dawgs take a stab at a refurbished storefront in historic downtown Lexington, Virginia. This second-generation salvage requires a lot of finesse, as the building is being renovated rather than destroyed. The team then turns the existing windowpanes into a room divider commissioned by the building's owner."
"Mike and Robert take the Dawgs to salvage a church in Alexandria, VA, where they must save everything from contemporary pews to a commercial grade sink. However, the team is forced to get creative as they are met with heights, narrow hallways and perplexing waterlines."
"The Dawgs tackle Ohio's cold and snowy winter to salvage an old Italiante house that's beaming with character. Back in the shop, things heat up as Tay comes up with a plan to use old pulleys as the legs for a unique table."
"The team organizes a Dawg vs. Dawg build competition after Mike and Robert get a tip on an abandoned power plant from an old client in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The winner of the salvage contest will be a tough call as both teams' distinct pieces are deeply rooted in the plant's original aesthetic."
"After a call from their old friend, Captain Tim, the crew travels to Norfolk, Virginia, to salvage a fireboat from Baltimore. When they return to the shop, Mike and Tay enlist the help of a local coppersmith to fashion unique foot baths for Hotel Roanoke."
"The Dawgs head to Martinsville, VA, to salvage a house that was condemned after an electrical fire. Knowing they have a customer looking for a kitchen island, Mike and Robert take advantage of a granite counter in the burned-down home."
"The Dawgs travel to Moneta, Virginia, to salvage a diner and drive-in that were destroyed by a fire. Their priorities include a kiosk booth and a mobile stage, but retrieving such large items will require some maneuvering. Back at the shop, Mike gets sentimental while building a bar for the Stone House using metal he's held onto for over a decade."
"The Dawgs salvage a 1900s farmhouse in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Along with the usual doors and hardware, they find ornate ceiling medallions, a clawfoot tub and pine flooring. A built-in cabinet yields a potential treasure."
"The Dawgs get a huge opportunity in suburban Washington, DC, where they work on the former site of the Capital Centre. The arena was demolished in 2002, but the mall that replaced it is now being redeveloped. First up is a barbecue restaurant that closed just two years after it was built. Back in Roanoke, Tay builds a breakfast table out of an old car engine."
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Season 11 - Salvage Dawgs
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